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Need a Bookkeeper? Here’s a few tips… 


Congratulations to those of you who have finally “taken the plunge” and started the business you always dreamed about! Whether it be a Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation, you as the business owner, require financial feedback on how your business is progressing. As you grow your business, you may find that the time you take running payrolls, remitting HST returns, and paying bills start to interfere with the management of your business. Or, maybe you’re at the point where “the spouse” just isn’t happy doing your Cheque runs any more. Whatever the reason, you have decided that it is time to bring someone in to help out with “the books”.

Here are a few hints in “How to find the right bookkeeper for your business”:

1. Determine your needs:

Take the time to list out what type of help you need. Do you need someone to run a payroll every few weeks, or do you need someone with full cycle accounting knowledge? Do you want monthly reporting, or someone to gather your data for your tax accountant once a year? There are a wide variety of services offered by bookkeeping firms and individuals. Do a little research or take advantage of “free consults” with the experts. The more you know about the administration of your business, the easier your search will be.

2. You get what you pay for:

Bookkeeping services are priced to meet the business needs. Experience and knowledge are worth the dollars as they will keep your overall administration costs low and add value to your business decision making process.

3. Education and Training Counts:

Ask the potential firm or individual you are recruiting about their continuing education and training schedules/plans. A professional bookkeeper will continue to educate throughout their career. Technology and Canada Revenue Agency requirements continue to advance – you want a bookkeeper who “keeps up with the times”.

4. Validate References:

Whether you are looking to hire a bookkeeper, or hire a bookkeeping service, ask for references and their contact information. It’s worth the time to get direct feedback.

5. Most Important – Like Them:

The bookkeeping service firm or individual will be working on your businesses personal and confidential information. They will be in communication with your customers/clients, vendors, bank, employees and CRA. If you like their behavior and skill set, then more than likely, they will benefit the business relationships you worked so hard to develop. Written by: Tiana Arruda Newns.